Fresh Fruit Export versus Russian Roulette

If you do fresh fruit export by reefer containers maybe you agree some similarities.

Load and ship reefer container,
… breathe deeply,
… close your eyes and cross fingers
… start the fresh fruits Rousse Roulette game!!!!!

How many bullets do you want to play?

Bullet: Good reefer function during the trip.

Bullet: Fruit quality.

Bullet: Good logistic plan (land & sea)

Bullet: Documentation

Bullet: Market situation when arrival.

Bullet: Client.

Bullet: Exchange rate.

Bullet: Safe payment.

Avoiding bullets.

  • I advise to do goods insurance and put always 2 thermograph units inside the reefer container.
  • Load only the best fruit quality for export.
  • Minimize transit time.
  • Work only with the best shipping lines.
  • Triple check all documentation requirements before shipping.
  • Work only with professional customers, never ship without credit insurance coverage and reject customers only asking for prices without quality interest. Unprofessionals clients compare suppliers offers assuming all the fruit must be Premium Quality without thinking about price difference meaning.
  • Never sale under commision basis, remember your fruit has minimum costs.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for prepayment on initial order as probe of good financial status and interest to work with you.
  • Fix exchange rate when confirm order.
  • Never use LC or other payment methods you don’t have experience with.



Despite above advises, there are many things who can fail, remember below:

  • Time is against us in fruit business.
  • Lot of people involved on the process, grower, traders (export-import), forwarders (export-import), transport companies, packaging companies, shipping companies, customs clearances (export-import), chamber of commerce, phytosanitary authorities, banks, etc, etc.
  • Never forget your competitors, sometimes they are in bad situation desperate for sales affecting to the market situation and business relationship with your customers
  • THE WEATHER!!!! Many time we confirm order one week before loading but the fuit still in the farm, it must be harvested and processed in packing house. The rain, wind, high-low temperatures, etc, etc, could affect negatively to the fruit giving us not Category 1 necessary for shipping.


How to play safe?

Be honest, load top quality fruit and work only with good professional customers and services suppliers.


Are you ready to play Fresh Fruits Russian Roulette?

your character will become stronger after this amazing experience, Promised!

Share your experience and comments with us, it could be a funny post.

Best regards.

Carlos Ortega.

Un pensamiento en “Fresh Fruit Export versus Russian Roulette

  1. Thanks to launch this interesting discussion about this fighting worldwide fresh fruit sector

    I confirm russian roulette is a child game compared to the machine gun bullets you could face shipping fresh fruits without having in mind some keys points.

    Your article points a good resume of the major bullets even if lost bullets are really common in our sector. The most unbelievable bullets can happen and you won t be able to avoid all the impacts (vessel or truck accident, probes position problem, xray customs control at departure that will make your container miss the connection, quality control and quarantaine at destination with eventual goods destruction, strikes on port, identity usurpation, lost express mail…)

    If you are still reading you are either unconscious either highly motivated ! In both case you will need a good bulletproof vest …once again you point some elementary helpful solutions … from my point of view they have to be joined with some personnal quality as preparation, communication, anticipation, organization, knowledge, reactivity, humility, pro efficiency , respect and honnesty, analysis spirit…

    You are your best insurance and your best option. Always respect your customers, competitors and providers making yourself respected !

    Totally agreed … this will make your character stronger and teach you how to take a step back …

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